Our History

The Saga Begins
As early as 1894, Mgr. Edmund Becker, the prefect Apostolic of Assam had conceived the idea of a boarding school for boys in Shillong. His enthusiasm was rekindled when a noted educationist, Sir Archdale Earle was appointed as Chief Commissioner of Assam in 1912. Sir Archdale Earle strongly backed Mgr. Edmund Becker’s idea. Mgr. Edmund Becker wanted the finest educationists to build up his dream, so he convinced the Christian Brothers to take up the project.

In 1913, Br. Stanislaus O’Brien came to Shillong to oversee plans for the school. In 1914, the present location - then, nothing but a dense pine forest - was handed over by the Government to the Brothers. The pioneer, Br. Stanislaus O’Brien, stayed alone on the 24 acre property and saw the birth of St. Edmund’s School, which was his home from 1914 till his death in 1940.

Within a year and a half the building was completed. Mgr. Edmund Becker blessed the foundation stone. In acknowledgement of Mgr. Edmund Becker’s immense contribution, St. Edmund’s School was named after his patron saint.

In February 1916, the admission of 3 boys saw St. Edmund’s doors open. The numbers soon rose to 31 boarders and 11 day scholars. St. Edmund’s School was officially opened on 6th October 1916 by Sir Archdale Earle. Br. Andrew Luke Aherne became the first Principal.

Thus began the saga of St. Edmund’s. The institution has since grown into full-fledged School and Degrees College, providing quality education and turning out capable, smart young minds in the service of God and society.