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Updated On: 22-Mar-2022

Class I to 10 Online Payment

Dear Parents, We request all of you to kindly try and make the Online Fee Payment so that we know the issues you are facing or not facing with the new payment procedure. All parents are to make sure that the school fee is to be paid as per the due dates mentioned – 1st Installment Due Date 31-03-2022, 2nd Installment Due date 10-04-2022, 3rd Installment Due date 10-06-2022, 4th Installment Due date 10-08-2022, 5th Installment Due date 10-10-2022, 6th Installment due date 10-11-2022. SMS Reminder will be sent to any defaulter failing to adhere to the due dates. The procedure for payment and link is available in the school website * * Regards, Br. Solomon Morris Principal
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